Monday, May 20, 2013

Funeral Shipping from the Philippines

The death of the loved one always is always tough. It can be especially frustrating when having to deal with overseas shipping. If you need funeral shipping from the Philippines, Bergen Funeral Service Inc are qualified to easily ship overseas.

Since we are known shippers, we can schedule flights with airlines of our choosing without taking time for screening. This helps us to schedule speedy flights for funeral shipping from the Philippines. We have funeral homes in New Jersey, Brooklyn and Queens that are very close to all three major local airports. We also have another home in Florida. All of these locations make it easy for us to transport and have funeral services begin on time.

Bergen Funeral is non-denominational and holds several different types of services. We have a chapel for services and can provides burials and cremations. Our directors are familiar with various different burial customs held throughout the world.

We are a family owned and operated funeral home and have been passed down through three generations. If you would like more information on funeral shipping from the Philippines, call us at 1-800-262-7901 for immediate attention.


  1. This is great information. We were so worried about our grandmother who actually lives in the Philippines and what we were going to do when she does pass away. We are currently working on some pre-funeral planning in Arvada CO and are so glad we found this service. I am sure you'll be hearing from us in a few months.

  2. Thanks for sharing this very informative article. What kind fof funeral service do you have?
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