Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cremation Services in NJ

Are you looking for cremation services in New Jersey?  Although no one wants to plan for something like this, it is something that everyone must eventually do to honor the life that a loved one lived.  Although burial is always the first option that comes to mind, cremation has been gaining popularity and is just as sentimental and respectful.  Bergen Funeral Service Inc understands that this is a very difficult time for your family and can help you with the arrangements.

Just because a loved one is choosing cremation services in NJ does not mean that you cannot memorialize them in the way you wish.  Cremation can be just like a burial with a viewing and chance for friends and family to pay their respects.

We offer the following NJ cremation services from which families can choose:

  • Complete Cremation Service- just like a complete funeral service except cremation will follow the services, rather than a burial.

  • Immediate Cremation Service – can be arranged as an immediate disposition of the body, but usually followed by a memorial service.

  • Direction Cremation Service – a cremation is provided and funeral services are limited to the removal and transportation of the deceased into our care.

A life well lived deserves to be honored in the best way possible.  When you are looking to honor the wishes of the deceased, consider cremation as something they may have wanted.  For more information on our New Jersey cremation services, call Bergen Funeral Service Inc today at 1-800-262-7901.


  1. I am looking for cremation services! Do you guys offer shipping to Denver though? Not sure about the legality of shipping dead peoples' ashes, but it would be a tremendous help for me.

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